Our Story

Sugar Mill Construction has made a name for itself in renovating some of the most recognizable, and successful urban projects in Arlington, VA, Bethesda, MD and Washington DC. With over 20 years of combined construction and multi-family real estate experience, our team is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your project goals. We have laid out a foundation of quality work, trust and cost-efficiency, making us to the go-to company for both multifamily renovations as well as commercial fit-out work. Our thoughtful and strategically-driven approach brings value to any renovation investment.

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Our Services

Sugar Mill Construction offers complete residential and commercial construction services with a specialization in multi-family renovations. From pre-construction including design and budgetary planning through construction and close-out, we have the resources to assist in any and all phases of the construction process. Beyond just full renovations work, Sugar Mill Construction also works with clients to develop a program for any level of turnover renovation work between or during tenant occupancy. From design to build-out, we take a collaborative approach to working with clients, providing a high quality product to meet their individual needs that is completed on time and within budget

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Why Work With Us?

The team at Sugar Mill Construction approaches every project with the goal of providing the most efficient and cost effective multi-family residential and commercial build-out experience possible. Our team will work with you from the outset to create a solution that meets your financial goals.  We adapt and scale our renovation processes to match the size of your project. From pre-construction services, to project management, to close out, we will size the redevelopment process to fit your requirements.

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Let’s Work Together

Interested to find out how renovation strategies can add value to your multi-family or commercial property? Contact Sugar Mill Construction today for your free initial consultation.

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